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Our team of experienced sales, R&D, and manufacturing experts are creating and manufacturing a wider and wider range of innovative bar soaps than at any time in our history. Our focus on market trends has led to a concentration on developing innovative natural and organic soaps, but we do manufacture more common formulations and formulations which are not strictly soap based.

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Research and Development

Bar Soap Research

Our R&D team has members that have been developing soap formulations for 20 years. We are constantly searching out new trends in materials and markets, and presenting innovative bar and liquid soap formulations to meet our customers’ needs.

Our fully equipped development and sample lab works to develop custom formulation bar and liquid soaps with appropriate bases to meet performance color and fragrance requirements. We pride ourselves in being able to provide manufacturing quality samples for customers’ approval and testing.

Because we make our own custom kettle bases, we are able to research and develop bases using special oils and other additives that require saponification. This also gives us great flexibility in adding additional special ingredients at the manufacturing stage.

All formulations are tested in-house for stability, activity, and as appropriate micro-biological activity. Our package development team ensures that appropriate packaging materials are selected to meet market requirements.

We have an unmatched ability to develop products that are innovative and technically sound.

Quality Assurance

Bar Soap Quality Assurance

Our Quality Policy, which Charles Breazeale developed in the 1950’s is “We strive to be the best at meeting the needs of our customers through quality, the result of intelligent effort.”

At Vanguard Soap, we utilize a full circle quality control practice which includes:

  • Process controls and monitoring
  • Technical analysis
  • On-line inspection of production soaps and liquids
  • Quarantine and testing of incoming goods and materials
  • Microbial Biological testing

To ensure that we stay current with industry standards, we make it a priority of maintaining and gaining certifications. Our current certifications include:

  • FDA Registration (Over the Counter “OTC” Soaps)
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
  • Processor of Organic Materials and Bar Soap Products
  • ISO 9001 Registration
  • RSPO Certified, Certified Sustainable Palm Oil
  • Non-GMO

We believe Vanguard Soap is the only US contract bar and liquid soap manufacturer whose quality system has acheived this range of certifications.

Bar Soap Manufacturing

Bar Soap Manufacturing

With a wealth of knowledge of soap chemistry and the mechanics of production, Vanguard has the ability to craft a wide range of bar soaps for our customers.

Our bar soap manufacturing capabilities include nine state-of-the-art bar soap finishing lines with an annual capacity of over 200 million bars.

Our equipment allows for production of bars from less than 0.5oz to over 12oz in weight. We have a substantial die inventory of sizes and shapes including many novelty bars, and our experienced engineers can work with customers to develop custom shapes.

Our packaging options include clear film cosmetic wrapping, flow wrapping, french pleat wrapping, paper wrapping, and cartoning. Our multi-pack capabilities include over wrapping, banded labeling and L-sealing.

Our manufacturing processes comply with cGMP and our quality systems are ISO 9001 registered. We are FDA registered and OTCO certified for the manufacture of organic products, RSPO and non-GMO products.


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