Int Aid

It can, if you don’t have access to basic hygiene products such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo and other items that are stored away in our bathroom cabinets.   Now imagine your hair, skin, under your nails and those hard to reach places if you had no soap for a week or two. Now, think about what it would be like after a few months or perhaps never.  Most of us would consider a few days without a nice clean bath unsanitary, let alone the unpleasant aroma surrounding us.

Here at Vanguard Soap we understand that our products may not be accessible to individuals in remote places around the world, where a simple bar a soap makes all the difference to mother and her children.  This soap does much more than keep one clean, it gives a sense of dignity and pride in one’s appearance.

From time to time we donate to organizations such as International Aid who provide medical and health resources to global partners serving people in need.  We are fortunate that we can provide our soap to those who need it most.  Read more about International Aid here at